Connected MLB Tech is a Hit in Multifamily

Connected MLB Tech is a Hit in Multifamily



The World Series is well underway, and here at TecHome Builder, we want to create an entertaining and functional space for multifamily residents to watch the games.

As the Mets square off against the Royals, there are tech options builders should be installing to make the experience look and feel like none other. These same devices can also make your community spaces stand out among other developers.

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Tech options include home automation systems and interactive entertainment that appeal to Millennials who are looking to have a community experience while watching sports.  


[tps_title] Smart Lighting [/tps_title]

 Lighting shines when the game is on.
Lighting shines when the game is on.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting can make the game really stand out by dimming the lights when the World Series starts and highlighting features like sports-themed decorations and the home’s design.

Philips Hue and Playbulb are two options multifamily builders and integrators can install to introduce full lighting control. Through a smartphone, the ultimate fan can easily control the color, effects and schedules of connected lighting. This ease-of-use is especially important in a community setting.

Smart lighting is also good entry-level option for builders and developers because of its simple installation and relatively low cost.

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