Connected Office Tech Attracts New Demographics to Multifamily

Connected Office Tech Attracts New Demographics to Multifamily

Connected office tech can help you to reach a new demographic of renters who value staying connected to their jobs, even when at home.

TecHome Builder speaks with two emerging players in the connected office space arena, Meadows Office Interiors and InFocus, to get a better sense of how multifamily developers can use technology to gain appeal in shared spaces.

Meadows Office Interiors is a women-owned contract furniture dealer based in Manhattan that focuses on collaboration and streamlining productivity with tech. InFocus manufactures touchscreens, projectors and video conferencing options for residential and commercial workstations.

Developers should consider including connected office tech in multifamily to reach the record number of people who now work from home. According to Global Workplace Analytics, the number of Americans working from home has more than doubled since 2005. 

Builders can tap into this surge of workers by including office and productivity tech that can make their remote work easier and more accessible.

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Connected office tech can help you appeal to a surge of workers that work remotely.
Connected office tech can help you appeal to a surge of workers that work remotely.

Utilizing Connected Office Technology in Multifamily

Meadows Office Interiors works closely with architects and contractors to design and supply a space with connected office technologies in a collaborative way.

In the Meadows’ main showroom, several InFocus technologies are on display to help clients touch, feel and understand how these technologies can be utilized. Skeptical developers should consider touring a similar location to see how office tech seamlessly integrates into a shared space.

“A lot of the time, our clients will end up wanting the tech for their own spaces,” says Dana Justus EVP at Meadows Office Interiors. “We didn’t anticipate that it would be such a powerful statement about the collaborative tools available today.” 

At the showroom, developers can also explore how these technologies will be integrated into a certain space. Depending on the room’s dimensions, developers can choose between additional connected upgrades such as raised flooring that hide structured wiring, movable glass walls, digital audio control and more.

According to Justus, ease-of-use is driving adoption among clients. The main piece of InFocus’ productivity tech on display in the Meadows Office Interiors’ showroom, The Mondopad, is built around seamless interaction, and developers should consider similarly easy-to-use devices in this space.

Smart glass can help developers market privacy to renters that work remotely.
Smart glass can help developers market privacy to renters that work remotely.

Additional Productive Technologies to Consider

In addition to projection and display technologies, builders can also include a range of standalone connected devices to complement the space’s productive design.

Branto enables a renter working from home to instantly connect with a meeting anywhere in the world. This device is constantly monitoring the room where it’s installed, so a renter can also check into the community space through the Branto’s interface to see if the room is available.

Electronic smart glass should be installed on windows and doors in an office-focused community space. Builders could design several smaller rooms within the shared space that renters can work from. Then, at the push of a button, the renter can be closed off from the rest of the space, as the smart glass changes from transparent to tinted.

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