Connections and Collaboration Reign at CES 2017

Connections and Collaboration Reign at CES 2017

Amongst the packed show floors at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, one thing becomes immediately clear … the future is now.

However, that future is constantly shifting. As the always-accelerating rate of technology continues to exponentially evolve with each passing day, the TecHome professionals must learn how to keep up and survive in a climate that brings new products and innovations on a regular basis.

A key factor in this professional education relies on knowing which manufacturers and developers will be leading the charge not just today, but years from now. While there were plenty of companies represented on the CES show floor this year, the ones to survive will be those that work together in creating the collaborative smart home of the future.

Based on this mindset, collaboration and industry connections were prevalent in CES news. For example, zigbee alliance made a major announcement regarding its new “dotdot” solution, an IoT-based universal language that allows devices to work together on any network.

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Company leaders sat down with TecHome builder to discuss how its industry-wide alliance aims to educate TecHome builders, integrators and more on the importance of interoperability in the connected home.

“We try to make it simple,” says zigbee’s Daniel Moneta. “We compare it to walkie-talkies and language. If two people have walkie-talkies, they can hear one another, but if they’re both speaking different languages then what’s the point?”

Moneta’s comparison brings up an excellent point about what consumers expect from their builder when pursuing a smart home project. They want everything to work together and to be easy, both in understanding and in execution. This first requires developers to work together in order to deliver products that will reduce headaches for both builders and their clients.

And connections have been widespread thus far.

ADT announced on Wednesday new integration partnerships with both Amazon Alexa and Canopy wearables. Xfinity Smart Home announced a new collaboration with Zen Ecosystems to expand its connected home line-up. D-Link introduced its first Apple HomeKit-enabled camera.

All of these connections and partnerships indicate an industry shift in which the truly successful products will be those that work flawlessly together. Industry professionals and consumers alike should not have to worry about the interoperability of their connected home devices, and it appears the industry is finally beginning to catch on to this fact.

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