Conservation Tech at TecHomeX

Conservation Tech at TecHomeX

The TecHome is at its strongest when equipped with efficient and connected technologies that help to monitor and conserve energy usage through smart connections.

Offering homes with efficient tech as a standard is an easy way to gain appeal among homebuyers looking to save money on their monthly energy and water bills.

According to the National Association of Homebuilders’ 2015 survey report, 84 percent of Millennial homebuyers will pay extra for an efficient home as long as they can see a return on their investment.

Builders, integrators, remodelers and realtors looking to build and market an efficient smart home will have a chance to see conservation tech from big names like Rachio, WaterFurnace and more at TecHomeX. 

Rachio's second generation product will be at TecHomeX.
Rachio’s second generation product will be at TecHomeX.

Every player in the smart home ecosystem can benefit from learning about conservation in the smart home. Outside of the show floor at TecHomeX, many education sessions dive into the appeal of monitored and managed conservation tech.

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Rachio and Eemax are two big names representing standalone devices that integrate into the home’s platform to offer energy savings. Rachio will show off the second generation update to their popular smart irrigation product and Eemax will display a product line of efficient tankless water heaters that can integrate into a smart HVAC system.

The energy and water conservation market will be represented by manufacturers of both standalone devices and power systems that can be used to market a net-zero home.

Alternative power systems from WaterFurnace and SunPower will also be on the show floor. SunPower offers rooftop solar systems, while WaterFurnace manufactures geothermal heating systems.

We will focus on different technologies being represented at TecHomeX before the event starts on March 21 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. There’s still time to register, click here!

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