D-Link, KODAK, Honeywell Announce New Security Products

D-Link, KODAK, Honeywell Announce New Security Products

Three major products related to video security have been announced this week, coming to us from three major players in the industry—KODAK, Honeywell and D-Link.

Let’s explore these three products and what they could mean for the smart home world. For builders, these products could appeal to many clients seeking strong security solutions in their home.

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KODAK Baby Monitor

The KODAK Baby Monitor
The KODAK Baby Monitor

KODAK’s announcement highlights a product that will be available closer to the holiday season, but one that will certainly appeal to families with new additions to their home.

Their baby monitoring system (partnered with lifestyle company, Tend) features a 180 degree range of vision, Wi-Fi HD technology, two-way digital audio, and it is all accessible from an app. 

This allows parents to soothe their baby to sleep with a song while relaxing in another room, or to safely monitor them throughout the night as the monitor will alert them of any disturbances.

Honeywell Video Alarm Verification

Honeywell has announced Video Alarm Verification
Honeywell has announced Video Alarm Verification

Honeywell’s announcement is more of an upgrade than a new product, but it’s still a big one.

The company announced that it now supported Video Alarm Verification (VAV) for its security video alarm systems. What this means is that Honeywell monitoring personnel will have the ability to view 10 seconds of footage, both prior to and after an alarm is triggered, to determine the source of the alarm.

This will allow the company to better monitor what works and doesn’t work in their system’s recognition abilities, and will lessen the frequency of falsely detected disturbances, and thus, false alarms as well.

It’s a move that other security alarm companies may soon follow.

D-Link Wide View Camera

The D-Link Full HD Ultra-Wide View Wi-Fi Camera
The D-Link Full HD Ultra-Wide View Wi-Fi Camera

D-Link has announced the latest in its line of security camera products and it’s called the Full HD Ultra-Wide View Wi-Fi Camera. It is the company’s first 1080p Full HD camera and offers the industry’s widest angle lens for range of vision.

It allows users to store footage on a microSD card that can be popped directly into the camera and depending on the camera settings, this can allow up to a week of continuous footage to be stored.

It also features night vision, sound and motion detection, two-way audio and easy app access.

TecHome Builder was lucky enough to receive a copy of D-Link’s latest to explore its capabilities, and while the app and camera setup didn’t go without their unique struggles (the ease of use could be a little simpler), the camera, once set up, offered great picture, range of vision and app accessibility.

Builders, what do you think of these new products? Let us know in the comment section below!

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