Dads Drive Tech Purchases

Dads Drive Tech Purchases

Moms have most of the control over household purchasing decisions — 85 percent, in fact. At the same time, couples and families often come to consensus decisions, and sometimes Dad is the sole driver of many tech purchases. (Man cave, anyone?)

Eric Thies, cofounder and director of marketing for luxury integrator VIA International, shares his experience:

“The wife typically takes charge on finishes and gives up technology decisions to the husband,” he says.

Eric Thies, VIA International
Eric Thies, VIA International

“It’s common for the wife to disappear from our tech meetings to make decisions on tile or floors. We have clients where the wife is very interested in tech, but that’s really only about 15 percent of our projects.”

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5 Tips Builders Can Use to Market More Effectively to Dads

No two dads—and no two families—are the same.

Every family is different—sometimes quite different—from every other. Demographics account for part of these differences, but lifestyle choices and priorities are equally important. Conversing casually (without prying) is often the best way to get to know what the family values most and how the family members make purchasing decisions.

Millennials are dads too.

Fourteen percent of U.S. Millennials are now parents. Having children is a main reason for buying a home, and young parents need to be marketed to directly in Millennial-friendly forms. Let them play with the tools and load apps for free on their phones. Give them time to come to a decision and seek out other opinions through social networks.

Mike Moore
Mike Moore, Moore Leadership & Peak Performance

“Homebuyer dads of all ages want a new home to be new, and the only home they consider new is one that has as much technology to serve them as they have in their pocket,” adds Mike Moore, president of Moore Leadership & Peak Performance.

If they use a smartphone they’ll want a smart home. Moore also says not to diminish Dad’s interest in the interior of his home or Mom’s interest when it comes to tech.

“Remember if a new home isn’t connected and smart, it really isn’t new. It may not be used, but it isn’t new. New means it has the latest and greatest features to make the owners’ lives better,” he says.

Never underestimate the excitement of a new dad.

Nothing galvanizes the protective and splurging instincts of a man like the imminent arrival of a baby. Dads are increasingly joining moms in researching products, reading labels and taking on a large share of parenting responsibilities. Security, safety and convenience are key factors for most soon-to-be dads.

Home is often also the workplace.

Single, stay-at-home and work-from-home dads abound nowadays—and they view the home as much more than a place to eat, sleep and spend the weekends. Even if a dad works outside of the home, he is spending more of his “home” time working. From the traditional home office to more open workspaces, the builder has an opportunity to design a working home.

Dad is more than just a dad.

dad smart homeMany dads rank taking care of their families high on their lists of life goals. But a dad is also a guy with interests that go beyond securing the home and protecting the kids. Get to know what types of technologies pique his fancy and how new tech will enhance his lifestyle.

Adds Thies, “We’ve also seen some competition between the wife and husband in the form of, ‘Well, if she’s going for the $50-a-foot stone in the shower, I’m getting that golf simulator.’”

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