Asus Expands to Home Robots; Meet Zenbo

Asus Expands to Home Robots; Meet Zenbo

Asus, best known as the maker of laptops and phones, has unveiled a plan to break into the aging in place market–Zenbo.

At $599, the fairly affordable home robot is meant to help with heathcare and controlling the smart home. The Zenbo home robot will remind people of doctor’s appointments, medication and exercise schedules, while ultimately keeping a virtual eye out for emergencies.

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The Asus video demonstration of Zenbo’s capabilities shows an older man falling over at home. This triggers the robot to call his family and show them the scene using its camera.

Builders constructing 55+ communities or even just building for families, might want to pay attention to this type of technology coming down the pipe.

The Zenbo robot will also have voice control capabilities and roll around on its own. It can connect to smart-home devices such as lights, door locks and security cameras. It will read out recipes and entertain kids with interactive stories and songs. You can think of it as a giant mobile device that moves on its own or a smart, little companion for your clients.

Asus has said it is launching a developer program to help other companies create apps for Zenbo.

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