Delight Dads with an Automated Home Theater

Delight Dads with an Automated Home Theater


An automated home theater with the latest in automation and entertainment tech can teach integrators about gaining appeal among dads.

Father’s Day has TecHome Builder thinking about the seamless home control and powerful audio options that will definitely be attractive to this demographic. Today, we focus on a single project that we hope will teach and inspire builders looking for a new way to approach home theater.

Larry Page of Page Digital integrated this particular project for his next door neighbor. The neighbor went to Page for advice after receiving an extremely high estimate for a custom home theater.

“I went over and looked at the proposal with him and explained they had $30,000 budgeted for a 1080p projector, which was ridiculous,” says Page. “I explained that if he’s spending that much money, he should be getting a 4K projector and that they were just trying to clear out old inventory.” 

Page stepped in, walking his neighbor through options that best fit his expectations and budget. Understanding client expectations is the most important step during the planning stages of a project, because if you market options they don’t need and can’t afford, they will find someone else.

This automated home theater can teach builders and integrators about offering entertaining, automated home control options. It also provides a lesson on ways to maximize buyer appeal without making them break their budget. 

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[tps_title] Understanding Expectations [/tps_title]

Understanding expectations helped Page land a big contract.
Understanding expectations helped Page land a big contract.

Understanding Expectations

Page was able to discover that not only were the previous integrators looking to overcharge his neighbor just by looking at a contract. Also, it was clear that they were not focusing on the theater elements the client really wanted.

“They had over $100,000 in speakers, and I asked if he was an ‘audiophile’ because that’s way too much money in speakers, if he’s not. He’s in his late 60’s. As I guessed, that wasn’t a priority to him,” says Page.

The theater’s speakers and entertainment tech was not the only priority for the client who also wanted adequate seating in the theater for guests and family. Page Digital worked with the client to ramp up the seating accommodations to offer a LUX automated home theater.

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