Ease-of-Use Comes First In This Tech-Driven LUX Rental

Ease-of-Use Comes First In This Tech-Driven LUX Rental


Three times the size of the average American home, this 8,000-square-foot Wyoming house presents some unique challenges when it comes to tech.

Because it’s so huge, the home was custom designed by homeowner and architect Tom Taylor to serve a double purpose. It’s a weekly rental unit for the international Armangani Resort when his family is away.

Since guests will be renting out the home, it had to be designed from the ground-up to operate autonomously and for anyone to be able to easily run the lighting and entertainment tech.

“The hotel staff had to know how to run everything. You can actually live in the house and never touch a keypad, everything is scheduled and runs itself,”says C&T systems president Joseph Colangelo. 

Lighting control is possible through the Elan smart home system and guests can customize brightness and schedules for indoor and outdoor areas. LED lights were chosen for whole house lighting control for their efficiency, lifespan and overall design.

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Another unique aspect of this build was that the integrator for the project, C&T Systems, is located out of Connecticut-almost 2,000 miles away. C&T worked on the project in two trips over the course of 3 months.

“Most of the work got done in Connecticut and we were able to program everything here. Then we shipped out our tools and flew out in one day,” says Colangelo.


[tps_title]Outdoor Lighting Tech[/tps_title]

The home contains a shutoff switch for all outdoor lights
The home contains a shutoff switch for all outdoor lights.

A Mountain Getaway

C&T had to be careful when integrating smart lights so not to block the vibrant mountain sky.

The house contains a switch outside to lower all exterior lights when leaving the house, which is good for short walks off the property.

Builders that install shutoff switches outside of the home can sell conservation and convenience to clients that may like to venture outside after dark.


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