Eco Automation Releases New Platform Focused on Conservation

Eco Automation Releases New Platform Focused on Conservation

Builders often market convenience and ease-of-use to their clients when offering home automation systems, and now a new platform is making it easier for builders to sell energy conservation.

Eco Automation’s new home control platform focuses directly on energy usage and conservation and utilizes sensors and meters to detect and monitor energy use among devices.

It’s a good option for builder who have clients interested in energy tracking, which help homebuyers understand where their power is wasted to help conserve and save on energy bills.

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The Eco Automation platform is built to interact with other connected devices and systems, meaning that builders can either install Eco as the home’s central system or as a sub-system designed solely to track energy usage.

The Eco Automation interface showing connected devices.
The Eco Automation interface displays connected devices.

The cross-platform functionality of Eco is what makes it a good option for builders to install as the central hub. 

The Eco hub supports nine connection protocols including ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Z-Wave.

This new system is not the only automation platform focused on conservation and energy usage. Elgato Eve and Neurio both control the smart home’s devices while tracking energy used.

Eco Automation will be released in early 2016 if its current crowdfunding campaign is successful.

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