Emerging Mass-Market Options That Will Shape 2017

Emerging Mass-Market Options That Will Shape 2017


Connected systems and devices that are targeted toward mid-market homebuyers open new selling and marketing opportunities for high-volume builders.

Production builders should be at an advantage in 2017, because unlike in year’s past, a growing group of homebuyers will already know how mid-market technologies, such as the Amazon Echo or Philips Hue, operate in the home.

Increased advertising by major manufacturers has raised the industry’s profile among consumers and homebuyers. According to Statista’s report, 25 percent of households rely on connected devices and systems, and 18 percent of consumers plan to purchase a smart device in the next 12 months.

Builders can reach out to this market of homebuyers by including emerging mid-market technologies as part of a standard package in 2017 and beyond. 

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[tps_title]Voice Control [/tps_title]

Production builders can include a voice control device to market ease-of-use.
Production builders can include a voice control device to market ease-of-use.

Voice Control—Google Home or Amazon Echo

Voice control became more accessible and easier to use in 2016 with the release of Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Builders need to weigh client expectations with the amount of tech being installed to determine which device fits best in a voice control package. Each device is good for certain environments. For example, Home is better in larger homes with whole-house solutions, while the Echo is better with a lot of standalone devices, instead of whole-house solutions.

These voice control devices represent the types of mid-market technologies production builders need to embrace to stay cost-effective while still maintaining appeal among first-time buyers.

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