Empty Nesters Emerge as Luxury Tech Buyers

Empty Nesters Emerge as Luxury Tech Buyers


Empty nesters are downsizing, but they don’t have to sacrifice luxury living or home technology.

In the Summer Hill community, located in scenic Manchester-by-the-Sea, aging homeowners enjoy first floor master suites, radiant floor heating, outdoor showers and more.

Built by Windover Development, Summer Hill consists of 12 individually crafted homes that overlook the Manchester shoreline. Each house has three or four bedrooms and range in size from 2,700-square-feet to more than 4,000-square-feet.

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“We feel we’ve hit the sweet spot where you can have the kids over; you can have the grandkids over; they can sleep there.

The living quarters, the room sizes and the screened porches all lend themselves to comfortable living,” says Chris Koeplin, vice president of operations at Windover Development.

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Common areas feature storm water collectors.
Common areas feature storm water collectors.

[tps_title]Common Areas[/tps_title]

On the Summer Hill property, several low impact development (LID) features are incorporated to ensure that storm water does not cause destruction.

Rain gardens with deep-rooted native plants and grasses are placed in a shallow depression near runoff sources. Other landscaping is drought tolerant. Subsurface storm water storage and infiltration facilities collect storm water and transport it to a safe place.

Units from Vortechnics, Inc. utilize a hydrodynamic separator to remove contaminants. A common septic system is also located on the property, along with an emergency propane fired back-up generator.

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