Energy Coalition Launches Net Zero Study

Energy Coalition Launches Net Zero Study

The Net Zero Energy Coalition is launching a multi-phase study outlining key information about zero energy residential in the United States and Canada.

The study, which includes both single and multifamily residences, aims to “create an invaluable resource for sharing knowledge and catalyzing the market,” according to a company press release. NZEC has just shared information for “Phase 1” of its study, which includes a full inventory of successful net zero residential projects on the market today.

The study effectively shows that zero energy is no longer a market niche. According to its results, 408 projects, 3,339 building and 6,177 units are either already zero energy equipped or on the “path to zero.” California leads the zero energy trend by a landslide with 1,538 homes, while Massachusetts is a far second with 219.

Additional interesting statistics from the study show that there is an even split between zero energy in single-family housing and multifamily housing (just over 3,000 homes in each category).

The NZEC sees the full potential of zero energy in residential and will continue to explore these statistics in 2016. Phase 2 of its research will include case studies for more in-depth examination of these trends.

And there will most certainly be growth. In addition to the statistics of Phase 1, NZEC also notes that 21 zero energy projects are currently underway for 2016, and that these projects consist of more than 3,000 units.

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