“Everything’s Included” for Lennar’s Innovative Orlando Community

“Everything’s Included” for Lennar’s Innovative Orlando Community


Lennar calls it “a new touchstone for the American home.” It’s a concept embodied through a new standard-driven community in Orlando and a single promise… “Everything’s Included.”

Innovation at Storey Park has amenities such as rooftop solar, home automation and wall-to-wall connectivity included in the home prices, which begin at $270,000. This gated community of 144 new homes features cottages, manors and estates. It is a novel venture for Lennar, one of the nation’s largest homebuilders.

“It is new for us, but we are ready to learn,” says Brock Nicholas, president of Lennar’s Orlando division.

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4 Keys to Lennar’s Storey Park Success


[tps_title]Innovation at Storey Park[/tps_title]

An Innovative Environment

Orlando is already becoming a city of innovation.
Orlando is becoming a city of innovation.

One of many exciting elements surrounding Lennar’s latest project is the landscape it is constructed within.

Nicholas cites Orlando as the perfect area for the company’s “first test of an inclusive technology community,” because the city is already being revolutionized by other state-of-the-art developments, such as the Medical City of Lake Nona.

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Brock Nicholas.
Brock Nicholas.

“Our theory is that most of our prospective residents are coming out of an environment where they are working around innovation, research and cutting edge technology,” says Nicholas.

Because of this, Nicholas believes buyers will be less intimidated by tech, more comfortable and perhaps even seeking it out.

Innovation at Storey Park is outside of the downtown Orlando atmosphere, yet still within the city limits. Nicholas notes that support from the city has been tremendous, with substantial backing from the mayor’s office and the city commissioner.

“[They] have really worked hard to understand what it is we are trying to accomplish,” says Nicholas.

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