EvoDOMUS Boasts Energy Efficient Tech in First U.S. Build

EvoDOMUS Boasts Energy Efficient Tech in First U.S. Build

Using a blend of entertainment and energy efficient tech, EvoDOMUS creates luxury modular homes for a growing and eager U.S. market.

The company behind EvoDOMUS was originally centered in Germany, and had so much success, it wanted to test the waters in America. But it quickly found that the cost of importing an entire home and building crews overseas was extremely cost prohibitive.

So the company started EvoDOMUS in the U.S. in 2012, which now builds traditional and custom-designed modular houses out of its Ohio headquarters. The houses cost about $300 per square foot EvoDOMUS also partners with Bensonwood Homes of New Hampshire for its custom line.

“The reception has been borderline overwhelming,” says Alexander Kolbe, founder of EvoDOMUS. “What we do is so different. We have this distinct German inspired design approach that you don’t see traditionally.”  

The Cove Sample Home by EvoDOMUS
The Cove Sample Home by EvoDOMUS

EvoDOMUS offers 12 standard pre-fabricated homes that can either be purchased as is or customized in many ways. The customized homes are more expensive due to the additional engineering required such as the higher thermal values and airtightness systems.

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The company just completed its first modular home in the U.S. in Connecticut. It contains a Gemini security system with smart home integration and a multi-room Sonos audio system. EvoDOMUS brings in local professional integrators to install these systems, while its own crew solely handles construction.

Home Automation and Entertainment

EvoDOMUS can also install a wide range of automation and entertainment technology as options. Clients are given a walkthrough of potential home designs and automation features at the company’s Ohio showroom.

The River Sample Home
The River Sample Home

A Focus on Energy Efficiency

Most notable is EvoDOMUS’s energy efficiency standards.

All of its homes are subjected to a range of tests from before and after construction to make sure they’re completely airtight and well insulated. The overall goal is to get the houses as close to net-zero as possible with solar panels.

The modular units feature Mitsubishi mini-split pumps to heat and cool and Lunos Decentralized HRV Ventilators or the ducted Zehnder Energy Recovery Ventilation systems for indoor air quality. Kolbe goes as far as to compare the homes to machines because there’s so much mechanical equipment inside.

“In the end, the energy bills should be close to zero,” he says.

The Future of Modular

EvoDOMUS says it’s the timesaving benefits of modular that make it worth doing.

“We can get up to 90% done in the factory, which significantly shortens our construction times,” said Kolbe. 

He says the traditional home projects take around 9 months; modular versions take about half that time. That means more time spent on technology upgrades.

The company’s modular units are currently limited to the Northeastern United States because of shipping and transportation costs. But an expansion could be coming soon.

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