Expert Education to Excel in TecHome Builder Executive Program

Expert Education to Excel in TecHome Builder Executive Program


The TecHome Builder Summits—a hosted-style event bringing together luxury, high-volume and multifamily builders in Fort Worth, this week—boasts an impressive Executive Program of educational sessions and roundtables.

This year’s Executive Program features an extensive range of hot tech topics— virtual tours, tiny apartment tech trends, forward-thinking futurism, marketing to distinct demographics and more are among the many focuses.

The primary definition of executive is “having the power to put plans, actions or laws into effect,” and that is exactly what TecHome Builder’s new Executive Program is striving to help builders accomplish.

The key to a great educational session, however, is an even greater speaker to bring his or her expertise and personal industry insights to the stage. TecHome has gathered a handful of standouts from this year’s elite lineup of Executive Program speakers, so you can learn more about them and their respective sessions.


[tps_title]Meet Our Speakers: Henry Clifford[/tps_title]


henry_livewire-largeHenry Clifford

President, Livewire

“I’m excited to, first and foremost, share through learning and collaborating. I’m also excited to be delivering a different perspective of where we are heading over the next decade or so.”

Henry Clifford will be speaking in two sessions at the TecHome Builder Summits, “Dealing with DIY: What You Need to Know to Compete” and “Living LUX 2025: From Gesture Control to Monitored and Managed.”

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