When Fashion Meets Functionality: Wearables for Women

When Fashion Meets Functionality: Wearables for Women


An iconic fashionista is launching a new product in the wearables market, and it could change the way we think about the blending of fashion and functionality when it comes to smart home technology.

Wisewear, an innovative new smart accessory designed by 94-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel, is crafted to help women live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The end result is a seamless blend of function and fashion. According to the site, “Technology is a beautiful thing, and wearing it should be too.”

What Wisewear brings to the growing smart home and wearables industry is the idea that technology doesn’t have to be ugly. It could mean big things for not only women of any age, but especially those aging-in-place.

“Women won’t wear things that make them look inappropriate,” says Wanda Gozdz, a certified aging-in-place specialist. “Making it look like a piece of jewelry, rather than an assistive device, is more appealing to women.”

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Functionality is Key

Gozdz agrees that Wisewear is “one of the nicest pieces I’ve seen in terms of technology,” yet questions whether the functionality and technical specs are up to par.

Wisewear can create distress messages, track activity and send mobile notifications, and Gozdz is curious how the wearable will connect and continue to connect as the industry grows.

Function and functionality blend with Wisewear.
Fashion and functionality blend with Wisewear.

“It all depends on the functionality of the product,” says Gozdz. “A person with dementia or Alzheimer’s wouldn’t understand the functionality of the bracelet, so you would have to find another way.”

Gozdz states it all depends on the circumstances of the individual and their respective situation.

She also asserts that presentation is critical, especially for those aging-in-place or suffering from dementia. If Wisewear were to be presented as a tracking device, she believes it would turn many people off. However, when presented as a piece of fashionable jewelry, opinions can change.

“How we present the object would definitely impact the way the person accepts it and uses it,” says Gozdz.

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The Future of Fashion & Function

Ultimately, Wisewear presents exciting options for the industry, especially in regards to the concept of healthier homes. By blending attractiveness with intuitiveness, builders and integrators can begin to incorporate crucial technologies in their projects that also appeal to a homeowner’s fashion sense.

This concept applies not only to wearables, but lighting, entertainment and HVAC alike. People want their technology to be sleek, striking and sensible. When it comes to the healthy home, professionals can carry the ideas promoted by Wisewear into everything from telehealth to other types of sensor-based devices, especially for aging-in-place.

It could just be the difference that changes your business from out-of-touch to truly fashionable.



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