Female Millennial Interest in Smart Homes on the Rise

Female Millennial Interest in Smart Homes on the Rise

A new report shows Millennials who are women have a growing interest in smart homes.

Builders and integrators already know that smart homes appeal to Millennials at a higher rate than most other homebuyers, and now the Better Homes and Gardens’ 2016 survey offers another way to capitalize on this population of buyers. The report is focused on the Millennial generation and its preferences on home features such as smart technology.

More than 1,600 U.S. female Millennials participated in the annual survey, weighing in on the healthy home trend, security and the overall appeal of connected tech.  

A standard level of smart home tech can help you appeal to Millennials.
A standard level of smart home tech can help you appeal to Millennials.

In response to the healthy home trend, 64 percent of those surveyed felt that smart technology can be used to construct a healthier home compared to 55 percent the previous year.

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Security is also on the minds of Millennials, as the report shows that 73 percent of Millennials see smart home tech as a way to protect their homes. This stat has risen nine percent since 2014.

One of the most striking takeaways from this new report, however, is that Millennials want the features and convenience of smart home tech, but almost half felt the tech is too expensive for their budgets.

Builders and integrators can easily stand out to this lucrative demographic by offering smart home technology as a standard that this population of buyers could otherwise not afford.

Including a base level of smart home technology that responds to health, security and convenience can help you tap into this eager market of techie homebuyers. 

An example would be going beyond the standard structured wiring package of the past to offering wireless as standard. Including wireless access points will allow this type of homebuyer to connect security and automation options that use the network such as BeON Home.

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Ultimately, this new report is a good sign for tech builders and integrators, as it indicates that the already high interest in smart home tech among Millennials is continuing to rise annually.

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    Useful article that propounds on the appeal of smart homes among women. It is a common misconception widely prevalent that home automation system Chennai are gadgets for men and women have no interest in them. Yet women benefit equally or even more from smart home systems.


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