Expert Take on 5 “Smart” Products for Holiday Season

Expert Take on 5 “Smart” Products for Holiday Season

[tps_header] Shoppers during the holiday season are always looking for the smartest deals.

A “smart” choice while shopping this season is one of the many internet-connected devices that are available in the market. These devices also present unique options that builders can bundle with their TecHome packages during the holidays.

Consider these five smart products for the holiday season. (List based on research and experts from Tend Insights)


[tps_title]5 “Smart” Products for the Holidays[/tps_title]

75044212-197a-41dd-aea9-078f58577a48_1-8da704711870813bf8c88007dbcff56e1.  The “Stuart” Cam

A “Minion” HD WiFi camera. Accessible from iOS and Android devices, features 24 hours of free cloud storage, this HD camera includes a motion sensor to provide fun, lovable pet highlight reels that automatically summarizes your pet’s best moments of the day into a fun music video. You can even talk and interact with pets – and sound like a Minion with the Minion Talkback feature.

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