Flexible Solar Panels Improve Efficiency

Flexible Solar Panels Improve Efficiency

A new development could change the way you think of solar. 

It allows builders to generate power during construction and market energy conservation from day one. British solar manufacturer Renovagen has developed a flexible solar system that can be rolled onto a job site during construction or as part of a community solar array.

Currently, the system has a maximum capacity of 18 kW and comes with a 53 kWh lithium energy storage system. These panels stretch out to 164 feet when fully rolled out. The flexible panels also improve installation efficiency.

According to Renovagen, a typical large-scale solar array can take up to 22 hours to fully install, while this system can be completely rolled out in under five minutes. 

The flexible solar system is rolled out using a vehicle.
The flexible solar system is rolled out using a vehicle.

At the start of a job, builders would use a truck to roll out the carpet-like panel. This allows the builder to continuously generate power during construction without spending significant time setting up a similarly sized array.

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After construction, the excess power that was generated during the build can then be transferred to the battery system in your client’s newly built home.

Your energy-conscious clients will appreciate moving into a home that already contains reserve solar power in the home’s battery. The flexible panels can also be a unique marketing tool to help you stand out in the congested solar market. 

Once the job is complete, the system can either be permanently installed as a community solar array or rolled back up to be used on the next job.

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