Football Star John Elway Embraces Extreme Lighting Control

Football Star John Elway Embraces Extreme Lighting Control


NFL legend John Elway wanted his home to be as bright as his career with the Broncos, leaving integrators wondering how to integrate an older home with the latest in smart lighting tech.  

This project teaches builders and integrators about overcoming challenges in order to keep projects efficient and cost-effective, which helps all parties involved.

Colorado-based integration firm Precision AV was contracted to integrate lighting and shade control throughout Elway’s 15,000-square foot home. The main challenge was that the famous family wanted a smart lighting overhaul without parting with their traditional home. The former quarterback’s home is more than 30 years old, forcing the integration team to find creative solutions.

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[tps_title] Choosing a System  [/tps_title]

Vantage is used to integrate this older home with new technology.
Vantage is used to integrate this older home with new technology.

Vantage Lighting System

Since the Elway’s home was built in the 1980s, a reliable wireless system was crucial to streamlining lighting control and improving energy-efficiency. Due to these desires, Precision AV decided to install a Vantage smart lighting system.

The team relied on Vantage’s EasyTouch II Keypads to replace the nearly 100 traditional switches around the home. The major benefit to these keypads is that each switch has a built-in circuit, which enables the team to easily integrate the new dimmers and switches with the existing electrical system.

“There’s basically a keypad, or even two keypads, at every light switch that used to exist. That’s what allows us to attach the existing circuit to the dimmer inside the keypad,” says Wes Perry, programmer at Precision AV. “Being in an older house, this was the only way to really do it.”

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