Four Emerging Trends Impacting the Home Security Market

Four Emerging Trends Impacting the Home Security Market

Home security is a critical selling point in the smart home market, and now a new report highlights four emerging trends that will impact its future.

Technavio’s Global Connected Home Security Market Report predicts trends that will influence homebuyers into 2020.

The four emerging trends driving the home security market are: high growth potential of cloud solutions, remote access, adoption of cloud-based tech and personal pocket drones.  

Technavio highlights four emerging trends in a new market study.
Technavio highlights four emerging trends in a new market study.

Builders can get ahead of the curve by offering a connected home security package with devices that address the emerging trends in Technavio’s report.

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Remote arming of the home’s security system is an easy way to market monitoring and protection to security-centric clients. The majority of smart security systems currently on the market support remote features.

Cloud-based security technology is gaining steam in the industry with products like Vivint Security and the Xfinity Home Security system. Builders can offer cloud-based security systems as a response to these emerging cloud trends.

While cloud technology is predicted to grow heavily through 2020, builders should exercise some caution with cloud products because of a possible monthly fee and loss of features if the product’s cloud servers go down. 

A complete loss of features is the last thing your clients will want to worry about, especially when it comes to monitoring and protecting their smart home investment.

The final emerging trend may seem like a novelty now, but as drone technology continues to evolve, these connected devices could offer birds-eye monitoring of the home’s property.

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