Google to Improve Voice Control Through Acquisition

Google to Improve Voice Control Through Acquisition

Improved voice recognition is coming to Google’s connected devices through a new, strategic partnership with natural language startup

According to the press release, Google has snatched up the team in a bid to develop new software that makes voice recognition and control more natural and conversational.

Since its launch, the startup’s technology has been used by more than 60,000 developers and integrated into popular messaging services such as Facebook Messenger and Kik. A typical device developer would use to fine-tune voice recognition and better understand commands.’s technology handles complex tasks and commands such as speech recognition, intent recognition and context management. Essentially, this means that if a user uses slang or domain-specific knowledge, the bot knows exactly how to process the command.

This partnership with, which has relationships with thousands of other developers, should open up future Google devices for third-party apps and services. 

Google and will work together to improve voice recognition.
Google and plan to work together to improve voice recognition.

For example, developers at a connected car company could create software that works between Google’s device and the car’s platform. Third-party integrations such as this would enable a builder to market continuous home control support from just about anywhere

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In June, Google announced it had been working on Google Home, a voice activated home assistant to rival the Amazon Echo. This API software could be applied to Home to ensure that commands are successfully heard and carried out reliably. While nothing has officially been announced by Google, it is likely the company will mix the natural language APIs with its own voice control software to improve recognition.

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