Government Support Encourages Smart Water Savings, Efficiency

Government Support Encourages Smart Water Savings, Efficiency

A new water conservation initiative that aims to save Texans millions of dollars showcases how the government is now getting involved to promote efficient homes.

Texas’ first ever sales tax break for water-efficient technologies and systems will be held this Memorial Day weekend and should be a rallying call for green builders that the time is now to include smart water tech as standard.

Eligible products include WaterSense products, smart irrigation systems as well as any products that can retain groundwater or decrease ambient air temperature to limit water evaporation.

This landmark decision shows builders that governments are examining systems and products other than solar to impact the efficiency of new homes. 

This graph shows Texas' comprehensive water needs.
This graph shows Texas’ comprehensive water needs.

Water efficiency entering the government conversation is good news for builders looking to expand past other subsidized technologies like solar, which has received a fair share of government intervention. In 2016 alone, two California cities, Santa Monica and San Francisco, passed laws requiring builders to install solar systems as standard on new homes.

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Even though this sales mandate ends on Memorial Day, the Texas Senate is hoping the decision will encourage efficient water practices among builders and homeowners well into the future.

This new sales break shows that more homebuyers are embracing the need of water-conserving tech, fixtures and faucets. Now that more homebuyers are familiar with the basics of the tech, you have the flexibility to market newer, advanced whole-home systems.   

The tax-free weekend is expected to save consumers around $5 million, according to a press release by Texas Senator Juan Hinojosa. These savings can be used by builders in any market to start the conservation conversation and offer significant savings to conservation-focused clients.

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