Haier’s Strategic Alliance to Bring More Smart Appliances to Market

Haier’s Strategic Alliance to Bring More Smart Appliances to Market

China’s largest home appliance manufacturer, the Haier Group, has announced plans to establish the first strategic alliance for smart appliances in the connected home market.

The alliance was announced during the second World Internet and Industry Conference in Qingdao, China from Sept. 27 to 28, according to China Daily. It aims to build, develop and integrate an innovative platform of connected technologies in order to improve the general intelligence of future appliances.

The ultimate goal is to help consumers personalize their smart appliances in factory.

In the first innovation, Internet-connected Haier factories will introduce a public service platform, which will allow consumers around the globe to remotely personalize appliances that are still being assembled.

This means buyers will be able to witness the entire manufacturing process from design to transportation and give feedback on ways to personalize and augment the appliance to best fit their new home.

And builders can use the same platform to offer their customers a personalized smart appliance experience in the kitchen and laundry room. This may seem trivial, but among luxury clients, the desire for personalization and unique tech continues to be in demand.

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 Partnership to Bring Smart Appliances to Mass Market

New Partnership Brings Smart Kitchen Tech to Market

So far, Haier has set up seven Internet-connected smart factories.

The manufacturing giant has also established the industry’s first intelligent research institute, which aims to improve efficiency in-factory and bring more devices to market in a shorter timeframe.

The alliance was jointly set up by the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, China’s Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China Electronics Standardization Institute, Tsinghua University and China Telecom.  

This strategic alliance is a key step for intelligent manufacturing and will enhance the smart appliance market with improved intelligence and personalization. Perhaps this will be the key to getting smart kitchen appliances out to the masses.

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