Health and Entertainment Top Security Concerns in New Survey

Health and Entertainment Top Security Concerns in New Survey

Here at TecHome Builder, we consider the four pillars of the TecHome to be green, healthy, entertaining and smart. However, new research points to industry fear surrounding the security of two of these pillars.

Home entertainment and health-oriented technology topped security fears according to research from security company Lastline.

The company surveyed IT and security experts at a recent London conference, discovering that home entertainment led the charge in concerns over security and privacy with a margin of over one-third of respondents (37 percent). Healthcare and health-monitoring devices came in a close second at 34 percent.

Other notable concerns surround connected cars (32 percent), wearables (29 percent), smart home devices (28 percent) and toys (18 percent).

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Consumer concern may not align with these results from experts, but the expert opinion certainly matters in this case. As cybersecurity concerns evolve in this industry, hackers will likely find new ways to infiltrate personal data and violate homeowner privacy.

“The very nature of hacking dictates that people will find the new and innovative hacking targets, such as hacking into toys, smart TVs and refrigerators, which are seemingly harmless, and try and compromise them – simply because they can,” said Brian Laing, VP of product development at Lastline, in a press release.

Laing continues to state that Iot presents “unchartered territory” where people open themselves up to malicious hacking, simply because these devices are connected to the Internet.

As more and more devices do this, especially technology such as televisions and healthcare systems, staying on top of security breaches will indubitably grow more difficult and concerns will continue to grow.

Builders and integrators will need to address these concerns before they become real problems, nipping the problem in the bud before it becomes too big of an issue. The happiest customer is the one with nothing to worry about.

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