HiVol Builder Uses Beacon Tech to Streamline Homebuying

HiVol Builder Uses Beacon Tech to Streamline Homebuying

Homebuyers value flexibility and personalization in their new homes, so one high-volume builder is relying on tech to streamline the buying process.

Australia-based builder, Allworth Homes, has recently rolled out beacon technology, in a bid to increase appeal among homebuyers. The idea is to improve options and ease-of-use during the homebuying process.

Beacon technology is used to geo-fence a certain area using location-based services, which once crossed, activates a series of actions. Integrators may be familiar with geo-fencing technology. It’s also used in driveways. For example, a driveway with beacon tech turns on devices in the home once a car or person crosses onto the property.

Allworth Homes is taking the geo-fencing standard to the next level by including Apple’s iBeacon and Google’s Eddystone beacons in ten show homes across the country. Leigo Industries worked with Allworth Homes to deploy the BLE beacons in what Leigo says is “one of Australia’s largest BLE beacon deployments to date.”

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Benefits of Beacons: Sell Homes on a Timeline

A closeup of the Apple iBeacon.
A closeup of the Apple iBeacon.

“BLE (Bluetooth-Low Energy) Beacons were the perfect solution in display villages where close building proximity and a variety of building materials make it difficult to pinpoint a user’s precise location, particularly once they move indoors,” says Robert Leigo, CEO of Leigo Industries.

Because the beacons correspond to location, homebuyers can use Allworth’s app to find the next closest display village. They also allow users to favorite and track home designs they have previously visited.

High-volume builders with multiple show homes in the same state may consider this technology to help homebuyers easily move between sites to look at different designs.

By empowering buyers with choice and options, Allworth says it’s been able to secure more customers.

And we all know selling HiVol homes on a timeline is priority.

A “Pocket Tour Guide”: Using Retail Tech to Sell Homes

This map shows all of Allworth's show home locations in Australia.
This map shows all of Allworth’s show home locations in Australia.

Allworth’s beacon tech and smartphone app work together as a sort of “pocket tour guide” for potential homebuyers.

“We’re utilizing technology that currently tends towards traditional retail stores, and using it to solve a traditional customer pain point in another industry,” says Stephen Thompson, managing director of Allworth Homes.

In addition to providing a full catalog of available home designs, the app’s tour functionality provides potential homebuyers with the configuration details for the home on display. It also shows floor plans, features and variations available for that design.

The idea is that homebuyers can see details about the show home they are currently standing in, as well as nearby show sites and related designs, so they can choose the type of home and location that makes them feel comfortable.

“Implementing this technology is a huge step forward for us. Not only will it be a great marketing tactic but a unique experience for customers,” says Thompson. “It is aimed at helping customers make more informed decisions about what they want to build.”

At the same time, Allworth noticed that fewer homebuyers relying on conventional homebuying methods such as brochures or real estate agents to search for new homes, so the adoption of smart home beacons is part of a larger overhaul of Allworth’s digital experience.

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Developing a Fully Digital Experience

Allworth Homes also use virtual tours to help homebuyers easily view the home.
Allworth Homes also use virtual tours to help homebuyers easily view the home.

According to Thompson, the use of beacon tech is just one step in cultivating a seamless digital experience for homebuyers.

“We understand that having an effective mobile strategy is more than just having a mobile-friendly website,” says Thompson. An appealing digital presentation can be the crucial first step in gaining appeal among homebuyers. Not to mention, a seamless experience that makes them feel in control, can help you score points among first-time buyers.

“It also creates another direct marketing channel for us, as customers are able to make specific inquiries about the product they’re interested in, straight from the app and even the display home they’re standing in,” says Thompson.

According to the National Association of Realtors, more than 90 percent of buyers use the Internet to find new homes, with less than half seeing the builder as being “important” to the selection process.

Allworth decided to take the initiative to capture this huge chunk of homebuyers. You can join them or risk having your team’s marketing strategies fall behind.

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