Holiday Kitchen Tech Caters to Multifamily Clients

Holiday Kitchen Tech Caters to Multifamily Clients

Give clients a warm welcome during the chilly winter months with kitchen tech that makes it easy to entertain.

Multifamily homebuyers and renters have one thing in common. They enjoy a sense of community. And where is the known gathering place in the home? The kitchen.

During the holidays, these clients will be spending even more time in this room, either cooking or entertaining guests, so it’s the perfect time to market convenient, connected kitchen tech.

Including state-of-the-art appliances, whole-house audio and cleaning tech as standard can really help you stand out among the competition, especially since kitchen tech is among the newest out there.

Many builders aren’t even offering a lot of these options yet!

A Smarter Kitchen

Samsung's smart fridge displays notifications while connecting to apps.
Samsung’s smart fridge displays notifications while connecting to apps.

The fastest way to stand out among other multifamily builders in your marketplace is by installing connected appliances. Many are using compact and energy efficient appliances, but smart appliances are rare in multifamily developments.

Smart fridges such as Samsung’s Apps Refrigerator display notifications on the front LCD panel, which can access the Internet and other connected devices in the kitchen.

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The Siemens smart fridge goes a step further by including a built-in camera that allows the homebuyer or renter to check which ingredients they’re missing from the grocery store aisle. We all know what it’s like to forget whether we have eggs for our favorite aunt’s family recipe.

And talk about a time saver … smart ovens from Bosch can be remotely set to preheat from a smartphone, allowing homebuyers to have the oven ready as soon as they walk in the door. This is especially helpful during the time crunch of the holidays.

LG HomeChat can help clients stay on top of their appliances and connected devices by sending a text to HomeChat. This feature allows homebuyers to remotely operate LG kitchen appliances and other connected devices like Nest.

While we’re staying on top of things in the kitchen. One of the most important functions on the kitchen during the holidays is baking. Builders can include complimentary kitchen tech like the Perfect Bake Scale, which measures ingredients and can adapt recipes to accommodate unexpected guests.

Easier Entertaining

Doorbird can be ordered in two different styles.
Doorbird can be ordered in five different styles.

As you know, cooking and entertaining at the same time can be quite the juggling act.

Tech builders can alleviate this pressure and sell convenience by installing a connected doorbell system such as Doorbird or SkyBell. These devices allow homebuyers and renters to monitor and let guests inside without leaving the kitchen. Control4’s new door stations go a step further. Clients can use a unique holiday tune as their doorbell, while video feeds appear on in-wall touchscreens and smartphones.

What’s a holiday party without music or the sweet sounds of football?

Whole-house audio systems from Niles and Denon easily integrate with automation systems and take the guesswork out of where to place speakers. The sound quality will most definitely impress family and friends.

Convenient Cleanup

Extra bags can be ordered right from Bruno's app.
Bruno can make holiday cleanup much easier.

Once the guests have eaten and the party is winding down, the last thing your clients will want to focus on is cleaning. Smart solutions can be included in a welcome package to add convenience to cleanup.

The Bruno Smart Trashcan is a good first step in connected products that can make post-entertainment easier.

This smart trashcan uses a built-in vacuum at its base to eliminate the need for sweeping and dusting, while a HEPA filter increases indoor air quality (IAQ). 

Bruno sends a notification to the homebuyer when the bag needs to be taken out, even allowing them to order replacement bags directly from the same app. While Bruno helps keep paper plates and clutter from gathering around the holiday TecHome, it is just the first step in convenient cleanup.

Builders can also offer the Smart iRobot Roomba, which quietly moves around the home detecting spills and trash. This new smarter version of the classic Roomba is app-enabled, meaning clients can schedule the robot to clean where guests are not. This smart Roomba can automatically clean an entire floor of the smart home before returning to its charging station.

And go big to sell a home … builders can include smart central vacuums from BEAM or NuTone, which improve IAQ while also offering convenience during cleanup.

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