Are Hi-Tech Homes an Olympian Task?

Are Hi-Tech Homes an Olympian Task?

Does putting technology in homes require an Olympian effort? Yes, this is a shameless tie-in to the Winter Olympics. There’s intense competition, but look at the athletes. Many of them are smiling, happy and loving what they’re doing.

They’re competing and having fun with it. They are loving what they are doing and living in the moment—and it is a joy to watch.

So why can't putting technology in homes be a little fun, too? It’s fun for prospective homebuyers to operate iPads and touchscreen tablets and see lights go on and off, adjust the volume of the music, view a camera’s video feed of visitors at the front door, get notifications when the kids get home. People even find it fun to save energy and money with remote thermostat control and automation via our ubiquitous smartphones. All on the ‘iPals’ we carry around for connectivity and FUN.

These are fun things, folks. By showing homebuyers these things, you’re offering to provide them fun in a home that’s equipped for modern-day performance and convenience. You’re not just providing homes. You’re providing a way to live better, and easier, so they can perform the Olympian tasks of raising families or settling into retirement in the most healthy, sustainable and fun way possible.


High-Def That's Fun!

Don’t be afraid to pop on the TV in home models this week to show the artistry of figure skating, the rush of downhill skiing, the skills and thrills of Olympic hockey, accompanied with surround sound. Snow and ice backgrounds in high-definition make the colors of uniforms pop. It provides incredible eye candy, and you don’t have to be a winter sports enthusiast to appreciate it. Better yet, show it in new 4K “Ultra HD” sets and you can get a sports enthusiast pumped about family room or bonus room home theater and surround-sound systems. Mom may even get excited about using big-screen, high-clarity wall art.

No cable or satellite collection? Have your tech guy record it and play it. It could sell home entertainment systems.

Someone once said getting the world to go green and sustainable is a marathon, not a sprint. The same applies to high-teching new homes and remodels, which should contain healthy doses of sustainability. This is the beginning of a marathon. But look how much fun you and your homebuyers can have.

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