Create an Emotional Experience

Create an Emotional Experience

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Remember the last time you moved into another house? Or a new house?

I don’t even want to think about it. But what’s one of the first things people want to do? Traditionally it’s been to hook up stereo or some music system and play some tunes to the endless unpacking of boxes.

People want to step into their new digs and play some tunes to start their new lives. And efficient, long-lasting lighting should be in place, too.

How could you do that today in a new home, even if it’s equipped with built-in speakers? You still need the music system. And today, people want to stream their musical content from their smartphones or use streaming services like Pandora.

I’d want to step into my new digs, push a button or two and play some tunes over the in-wall speakers while we unload and unpack. And I’d want all the lighting in place as well, because I don’t want to be running to a store to equip my house with a lot of inferior lighting. And I’d want lighting that’s going to last, like energy-efficient LEDs.

For systems like these, we can take some lessons from the smart guys at Nest Labs that brought us the cool Nest thermostat, as well as the Apple iPod from their previous employment.

The keys to Nest, the iPod and the Nest’s new smart smoke detector? They’re simple to use and attractive. They create easy and engaging experiences.

That’s what I want when I step into my new home, and I expect most others want that too. It could turn an Advil day into one of joy and new beginnings.

Many of today’s wireless systems are doing just that. They’re easy to set up and use, they’re affordable, they’re engaging and they can create a powerful emotional connections with homebuyers. We profile three such music and lighting systems in this week’s product report.

Imagine walking into a new home with systems like these in place. Bliss.

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