Forget the Tech Jargon, Sell Solutions!

Forget the Tech Jargon, Sell Solutions!

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Selling home technology doesn’t require an electric engineering degree and years of nerd work. All homebuilders need to learn is what the technology can do for people—not all of the technical details and mumbo-jumbo.

Custom homebuilder Tony Crasi of the Crasi Company in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, who was profiled several weeks ago in “5 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Home Tech,” relays a story. A couple of years ago he had a client in her 60s, with bad arthritis and not much interest in technology.

“When we went to lay everything out, I said, ‘You have all this wonderful artwork and we have lighting for you. Wouldn’t it be nice to light up certain pieces at a switch?’” explains Crasi. “I presented it that way, and she said, ‘Sure,’ but she didn’t want the technology.”

The moral of the story: As we’ve said before, it’s not about the technologies themselves. It’s about the benefits technologies bring. “It’s about solving problems,” Crasi says.

Builders don’t have to be experts in home technologies to sell them. They just have to know what those technologies can do for people.

What some of these technologies can do is make people very happy. They can bathe their homes in just the right amount and light and music. And this creates a powerful emotional connection for people.


Crasi was later able to sell the same client on infrared audio/video repeating technology (simply a way to get a remote control signal to operate systems in another room) by appealing to her love of classical music and how she could listen to it while exercising on a treadmill, just by pointing a remote. She didn’t want the technology, but she was sold on the benefits.

End result: One happy customer.

That wasn’t so tough, was it?

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