The ‘Too Busy Relaxing’ Opportunity

The ‘Too Busy Relaxing’ Opportunity

You can relax without having to worry about going green in your home-there’s automated technology that will do it for you.

An interview subject recently told me he didn’t think his product should be marketed as a green or energy efficient option because at the end of a long day, “We’re too busy relaxing” to want to save energy in our homes.

I was amused, mainly because I’m a huge fan of irony. Busy relaxing? Also, because it seemed on the surface, like a silly statement, rife with the oxymoronic contradiction that we’re “too busy” parked on our sofas watching the Kardashians.

But you know, he’s absolutely right. In fact, too busy relaxing is one of the most astute observations I’ve heard. After a long day of work and brain drain, we are too busy relaxing to care about saving energy in our homes—even if we want to be energy efficient. And many new home buyers expect efficiency today.

Studies show that people respond to energy efficiency messaging that tout comfort and convenience.

That’s why energy savings has to be automated for us—or as automated as we can make it. And here’s the really great thing: We have the technology to do this.

It’s starting to be employed in home control and home energy management systems that are affordable — and can be built into homes not only to provide conveniences for today’s modern, hectic lifestyles, but to save us energy by automatically controlling thermostats, devices plugged into smart plugs and smart lighting controls, and monitoring our energy usage so we can see how much juice we’re using. That’s pretty cool.

We’ll be seeing a lot more of these systems, as well as energy-saving solar and renewable options that make saving energy as easy and convenient as possible. Systems like these are being installed in new homes—even production homes—and can be huge differentiators for builders everywhere. Studies show that people respond to energy efficiency messaging that tout comfort and convenience.

With home automation and energy-saving systems, homebuilders can give their customers their time back — time to get busy relaxing as they conserve their own energy!

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