What Homebuyers Want

What Homebuyers Want

Check out some of these numbers from a recent Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) study on the Adoption and Usage of Home Automation Technologies that identifies product ownership now and consumers’ intent to own these products in two years.

Obviously, home theater systems, monitored security and programmable thermostats are fairly popular items and will remain so, but look at the growth in some of the numbers from 2013 ownership to the intent to own.

According to this data, we will see double-digit growth in these systems, particularly among energy efficiency products like smart thermostats, lighting control, energy management systems and energy-based home automation.

Security-based systems like electronic door locks and security-focused home automation systems appear ready to boom as well. And let’s not forget home entertainment, which will remain appealing and has an undeniable “cool” factor.

The CEA reports that “a majority (61 percent) of households expect to purchase energy efficiency home automation technology at some point in the future, followed by security technology (51 percent) and entertainment products (40 percent).”

And new home purchases appear to be a big driver, with six in ten (60 percent) of consumers reporting they would be more likely to purchase home automation if buying a new home.
Why the surging interest in home technologies like home automation and energy efficiency? For one, these technologies are more affordable and accessible than ever. People see the TV commercials and ads for “connected” and “smart” home systems from big service providers like ADT and Comcast—and they are realizing they can have this stuff and that products from thermostats to electronic door locks and more can be controlled by the ubiquitous smartphone.

The rise in housing starts in 2013 has contributed to a steady increase in the overall outlook for home technology.”

Whether at home or away from home, the CEA reports that a combined 74 percent of consumers interested in home automation wanted to use an app to control home automation technologies.

That’s pretty good for what is still considered an “emerging” technology—and it’s one that smart and savvy homebuilders should capitalize on.

Not only are technologies infusing new homes, new homes are influencing the adoption of home technologies. “The rise in housing starts in 2013 has contributed to a steady increase in the overall outlook for home technology,” says Kevin Tillmann, senior research analyst at CEA.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your smartphone apps!

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