Homebuilder to Revolutionize Healthy Homes for Athletes

Homebuilder to Revolutionize Healthy Homes for Athletes

The concept of the healthy home is not new. But what this builder is doing to create healthy homes specifically designed to improve athletes’ performance—well, that is.

Brandon Weiss, founder of Chicago-based Evolutionary Home Builders, comes from an athletic background. His goal is to take his history in the sports world and merge it with his current profession. “I was a professional athlete before I became a homebuilder, so the focus of our company was always on health and wellness and how we can do that in our building,” Weiss says.

Weiss, while playing basketball in Germany, saw that the country’s housing was more sustainable and energy efficient. That inspired him to focus on healthy homes in the U.S.

About four years ago, he began testing the indoor air quality in his homes by installing volatile organic compound (VOC) and CO2 sensors. He also became certified by the International Homebuilding Institute, which gave him information on the home’s effects on the body.

This basement turned basketball court was created by Evolutionary Home Builders.
This basement turned basketball court was created by Evolutionary Home Builders.

“An athlete’s body is their livelihood,” Weiss says. “It’s a good segment for us to concentrate on and design our product around.”

According to his plans, the healthy homes will have custom lighting programmed to human circadian rhythms.

Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a cycle, which is roughly 24 hours, responding to different environmental elements.

The most common element is light, but temperature and redox cycles also effect the circadian rhythm. To help control these rhythms, the homes built by Evolutionary will have several tech factors.

Custom Lighting

As night approaches, colored circadian lights come on to soothe and relax the residents
An example of circadian lights.

In these healthy homes, custom lighting will be programmed to human circadian rhythms. “That’s programming lights at the right time of day to coincide with the light colors and intensity that the human body was designed to be in nature with,” Weiss says.

“Different types of lighting colors can induce different types of hormones.”

Studies show that regular exposure to light and darkness is the primary synchronizer of the human circadian system to the solar day. So the lights in the healthy homes will change in color and light intensity.

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Indoor Air Quality and Plumbing

All products installed will be third-party certified for indoor air quality.

Some examples of healthy home systems that deliver whole-house air-quality include Zehnder energy recovery ventilators and Mitsubishi mini splits. Weiss says well-designed plumbing and a health-optimized water delivery systems will also be used to achieve comfort.


Weiss’ idea of healthy homes also includes reduced electromagnetic frequency programming that’s available through the PowerWise system, which monitors energy, water and gas use and efficiency through sensors.

“We’ll be able to shut down those electronic centers that are sending frequencies throughout the house,” Weiss says.

Shield wires, which connect directly to the top of a transmission structure, are also available to protect the home against power outages and lighting or occasional fault damage.

Evolutionary Home Builders is currently seeking the right athlete and home automation all-stars for these projects. Weiss hopes to open the prototype for these healthy homes in time for spring training.

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