Hot Outdoor Tech Trends to Try This Summer

Hot Outdoor Tech Trends to Try This Summer

Offering outdoor tech as part of a standard package can help you stand out, as more homebuyers start thinking about summer and ways to maximize their time outside.

Trends show more homebuyers looking for ways to entertain, socialize and connect outdoors. A range of outdoor entertainment tech can help you reach out to this growing demographic.

One trend that shows homebuyers actively seeking ways to entertain outdoors comes from the National Association of Realtors 2015 trends report. It shows a quarter of all homebuyers say that access to outdoor entertainment activities can significantly impact a home’s appeal.

Builders can tap into this growing group of homebuyers by offering outdoor entertainment tech as standard and marketing it as a way to stay connected and entertained.

From simple outdoor kitchens to intricate entertainment set-ups, even a modest level of tech in the backyard can stand out when integrated with the home’s platform.

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Check out outdoor tech options that can help you stand out!


Outdoor Tech-First Steps

Different demographics of homebuyers will be looking for distinctive pieces of tech in the backyard. Builders should keep in mind that understanding their expectations is the first and, oftentimes, most crucial step.

A standard level of smart home tech can help you appeal to Millennials.
A standard level of smart home tech can help you appeal to Millennials.

Boomers and Millennials will have wildly different outdoor tech expectations. According to’s 2016 report, Millennials make up the largest share of new homebuyers. And according to Goldman Sachs’ Millennial report, younger buyers are looking for ways to socialize and exercise outdoors. A few pieces of tech can help you meet both of these expectations.

Boomers, on the other hand, are largely looking for seamless experiences that are fueled by referrals and word-of-mouth. According to the 2016 Realtor report, more than half of all Boomer homebuyers seek out comprehensive referrals before committing to a certain piece of tech.

Builders and integrators can conquer this referral requirement by showcasing a range of outdoor tech options with older clients and including information such as testimonials with new clients during the buying process.

According to the 2016 Garden Trends Report, two emerging trends in the outdoor residential market are technology and nature. This means more homebuyers want tech that highlights the design of the backyard.

Builders have a range of options to highlight features outdoors, from smart lights to hidden speakers, that can help make the backyard feel appealing and connected.

Outdoor Lights and Entertainment Control

Smart lights in the backyard can help you market an atmosphere of entertainment and security.

According to the 2014 Houzz Landscaping Trends Study, 56 percent of homebuyers want to update their landscapes with tech to make the yard better for entertaining, while 44 percent want tech to make the yard more functional.

Even a base level of outdoor lights can improve appeal.
Even a base level of outdoor lights can improve appeal.

Outdoor entertainment options include weatherproof TVs from Seura or SkyVue and water-resistant speakers from manufacturers like Braven or Nixon.

The key is installing weatherproof, connected tech that can fulfill a range of demands. For example, the outdoor TV can provide entertainment control but can also display recipes and alerts when integrated with the home’s platform.

Outdoor light options from Playbulb or GE can change colors automatically or when prompted and can be the perfect finishing touch to a smart outdoor tech offering.

And according to this year’s Garden Trends Report, more homebuyers are looking for a “bolder approach to outdoor living” through customization, lighting and entertainment. This should be a rallying call for builders looking to experiment with available outdoor tech options.

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Outdoor Kitchens and Function Areas

Builders that offer functional outdoor areas can count on increased appeal among Millennial homebuyers looking to continuously socialize in their new outdoor spaces.

Functional outdoors can help gain appeal among Millennials.
Functional outdoors can help gain appeal among Millennials.

These functional areas can include outdoor kitchens with a range of luxury appliances and outdoor entertainment rooms with weatherproof TVs and speakers.

According to the 2015 Garden Trends Report, 85 percent of Millennials rate outdoor rooms, such as outdoor kitchens, as being “very important or important.” With such a large share of Millennials expressing interest in entertaining and socializing outdoors, builders should consider at least one type of outdoor function room when building for this lucrative group of homebuyers.

The market is currently full of options for outdoor function rooms. Danver, Coyote Outdoor Living and Phantom Screens are just a few manufacturers leading the outdoor tech charge with weatherproof, smart home-enabled options.

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