Hot Take: Building Strategic, Industry-Wide Connections

Hot Take: Building Strategic, Industry-Wide Connections

From homebuilders to insurance companies, a variety of business sectors are coming up with strategies to boost the deployment of smart home technologies.

Each strategy has the potential to speed up its adoption and finally transform how consumers digitally manage their connected and high-performance homes.

What’s more, each of these business sector initiatives has the potential to unite every key player in automated home management through a cohesive, digital eco-system where everyone benefits.

Here are just a few of the leading smart-home initiatives underway: 


Builders understand better than anyone the concept of offering options to homebuyers. They’ve turned this service into a science.

Now, several forward-thinking builders are adding smart home technology systems to their selection process, along with countertops, floor designs and paint colors—leveraging homebuyers’ desires for these technologies.

For example, a few homebuilders are using new online tools to offer buyers a selection of home tech devices and energy solutions such as solar panels or advanced HVAC systems.

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Insurance Companies

Insurers are starting to see the benefits of Internet-connected homes. So much so, that some firms are giving members discounts for wiring their homes with connected devices such as digital thermostats.

They believe these technologies will lower claims and help them form stronger, data-driven relationships with customers.


Product manufacturers typically have to jump through hoops to stay connected to their consumers, but a new Home Resource Management (HRM) platform is poised to give them a direct digital connection. Through this system, manufacturers can, for the first time, educate, support and service their products for an entire lifecycle.

As all of these industry players and others continue to contribute their piece to the smart home of the future, adoption of home tech is bound to accelerate. When it does, everyone will be the beneficiary.

David B. Carolan

david-carolan-hi-res-150-pixelsFounder and CEO, SmartHome Hero

David has a clear vision of the future of home management, and it’s completely digital, which gives consumers, manufacturers, homebuilders, insurers and more a powerful and lasting direct connection. After two decades as an executive-level manager at a variety of public and private businesses, he moved into the zero-energy home space where he founded a green home product company. Last year, he launched SmartHome Hero, the first platform that connects homeowners to their devices and to every home product and service provider.

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