Hot Take: Taylor Morrison Division Reveals Tech Options

Hot Take: Taylor Morrison Division Reveals Tech Options

Homeowners are all about having choices.

I work on the sales and marketing side with the Southern California division of Taylor Morrison Homes. We will close about 340 homes this year with an average price of 1.1 million. The price range is from the high 400’s to over three million.

And yes, we are a production builder. We do not have a custom division. You couldn’t even call anything semi-custom.

We have recently conducted focus groups in a few selected communities that included a wide range of topics: the customer experience with the sales team, the design center experience, the overall construction and quality of their home.

In discussing features, no one mentioned technology or energy conservation as issues. We have also learned that every homebuyer is different. Therefore, what they desire will differ as well.

In terms of energy, it is generally assumed that buyers look for a new home that is energy efficient and will lower their utility costs. Solar panels are not included in our homes, nor are they optioned. We do use tankless water heaters, and most of our homes have two.

Some of the newer smart home technology has a wide range of understanding among our buyers. Some are early adopters. Others are struggling with new apps on their phone and are frustrated that their smart phone is actually more intelligent than they are.

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So, this smart home technology…what is it? How easy does it work? What does it really do for me? Do I really need to check on my dog during the day? Do I really need to see a picture of the inside of my fridge before I stop at the market on the way home to make sure I get more milk, but not more butter?

Adjusting the thermostat from an app might be nice, but seven day programmable thermostats are a standard feature in our homes. And after all, this is Southern California. Weather is pretty nice 330 days a year. And the other 35 days we complain but really shouldn’t.

The tried and true low voltage options remain the most preferred choices – surround sound wiring, patio speakers, intercoms and security systems are the favorites.

Our buyers are satisfied with what we offer and appreciate the choices we give them to personalize their home.

Kirk Chittick

kirk headshotArea Sales Manager

Taylor Morrison Homes

Kirk Chittick brings with him nearly 30 years of experience and expertise in all aspects of sales and marketing. His product development experience ranges over all types of homebuilding products–750-square-foot multifamily condos to 6,500-square-foot single family semi-custom homes and everything in between. In 1995, Chittick brought to market the first new home community using only digital animation and no models. For this, he earned the Marketing Innovator of the Year Award from Builder Magazine in 1996.

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