Hot Take: Confessions of a Tiny Houser

Hot Take: Confessions of a Tiny Houser

More and more upper middle class buyers are downsizing their living areas and upsizing their home tech options, as “tiny living” no longer appears to be just a passing fad.

Most of the “tiny” TV shows focus on affordability with homes under $30,000, often forfeiting quality and technology. In reality, many of us “tiny housers” have much bigger budgets and care more about the environment than our checkbooks.

More than a year ago, I left my upscale studio in the Boston area to live simply, safely and sustainably. I designed and built my own 150-square-foot Tiny House on Wheels, which is parked in a gated, wooded, waterfront community (nicer than any of those apartment complexes).

When I move, my entire home comes with me. When I travel, I stay connected through apps on my phone. I monitor and control home automation, which includes technologies such as a video intercom, security cameras, smoke and carbon monoxide detector, lighting and a smart thermostat.

hot-takes-webSure, my budget was more than double those tiny homes on TV, but I’m still mortgage-free.

Plus, I have the same luxuries as those larger high-tech, high-end homes—a dishwasher, washer and dryer, digital showering system, radiant floor heat, switchable glass and operable shades. Tech is hidden everywhere, even inside the walls.

Exterior walls are only six inches thick, with non-combustible materials like metal studs and gypsum wallboard that doubles as an air filtration system. Both insulation (inside the walls) and “Outsulation” (outside the walls) help the home meet today’s evolving energy codes.


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Most of us who live “tiny” have virtually no living expenses or household chores. Our time and money are freed up for more important things in life such as travel, charities, parties, family and friends. Those of us who continue our careers enjoy more abundance than we ever could have dreamed.

Fewer people remain in a single home or job during a lifetime. However, newer technologies are becoming more compact and portable than ever. The only way to keep up with the momentum of life and technology is to stay mobile.

tracey headshotAbout the Author:

Tracey Powell

Assoc. AIA, CSI

Tracey Powell has worked in the design and construction industry for over two decades. Aside from advocating tiny living, she’s also an Architectural Consultant in the Boston area for security and safety. Follow her on and connect with her on

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