Hot Take: Smart Irrigation for Sunny Summer Heat

Hot Take: Smart Irrigation for Sunny Summer Heat

We have reached the dog days of August, and I am sure most of our lawns are feeling the pain of the hot summer sun.

Most currently deployed irrigation systems use simple timers to get sprinkler zones running as well as to shut them off. Some of these timer-based systems even tie into today’s home automation and control systems. However, even these rely on timers and/or user interaction to get the flow of necessary water to our grass and plants.

Builders and homeowners need to rethink this whole scenario. We all need to take away the guess work. Am I watering enough? Am I wasting water? Is my irrigation specialist factoring in water?

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We now live in the time of real IoT Connected devices that can self automate. Two brands in particular—Rachio and EVE—have taken out the guess work at an affordable price.

Rachio, for example, factors in local rainfall, location and heat. It also uses an additional “per zone” setting for soil type, lawn grade, type of grass/plant and even the type of sprinkler head. This allows a system like Rachio to determine the amount of water and time per zone based on all these factors.

Take rain as a prime example. If you were to get heavy rain for two days, followed by overcast, your system may not run for several days—creating an instant savings and safety from over-watering.

Did I mention that systems like these even tie into control systems for manual overrides and programming? Your typical irrigation company is a little scared of these systems, considering they do not know what to do once the device hits the Internet. This stresses the importance of a CEDIA home technology professional teaming up with your irrigation company.

Putting together two sides of professional expertise can have your buyers’ lawns looking great and pennies saved in no time.

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Joe Whitaker

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