Hot Takes: Woman Focused Builder on Appealing to Moms

Hot Takes: Woman Focused Builder on Appealing to Moms

Women speak a different language than men. Learning how to communicate in the language females understand is key.

As the exclusively licensed woman centric homebuilders in Rhode Island, we understand and believe in the importance of women in the process of purchasing, designing and building a home. She views every part of the home, not only through her eyes, but how everyone else in the home (family, pets, guests, etc.) will live, both today and in the future.

Each area of a woman focused home is accounted for and critical in how the home actually lives. Additionally, her unique personality make-up influences her view on every aspect of her home, including technology and its place.

Father-daughter builder team, Hugh and Sarah Fisher, give their “Hot Takes” on woman focused building and how to appeal to women and moms. Each week, in our Insights Newsletter, credible industry experts weigh in on hot homebuilding topics from their perspective. 

Reynolds Farm is a women-centric community in North Kingstown, R.I.
Reynolds Farm is a h.a. Fisher Homes’ women-centric community in North Kingstown, R.I.

When it comes to home technology and appealing to women, perhaps the biggest question she has is: how does it benefit her & simplify (i.e. not complicate) her life?

One of the newest woman focused concepts, the Casita–a small home that is attached to, yet completely separate from, the main home–offers flexibility and privacy to multigenerational families and more.

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Other innovative solutions include Dow Powerhouse solar roof shingles that produce power for your home and Velux Solar Powered skylights and sun tunnels. We also offer a community water feature that optimizes graywater technology.

Practical items–LED bulbs, Energy Star appliances, motion lightswitches, USB outlets, etc.–are daily use fixtures that can enhance her life. Simple security and convenience features–pre-wire for security systems, surround sound, Internet, central vac, etc.–are part of the home.

Finally, don’t forget the home itself. How efficient is it? What’s the HERS rating? Why does that matter to her?

When we learn to think from and understand her viewpoint, we’ll begin to connect with women in this process.

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Hugh Fisher & Sarah Fisher

h.a. Fisher Homes

Hugh and Sarah have found much success building women centric homes in the state of Rhode Island, using tech and design elements to appeal to women. Hugh built his first home in 1976 and became the exclusively licensed woman centric homebuilder in Rhode Island in 2007. Sarah joined the team full-time in 2008.


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