Personalize Sales like Apple and Disney

Personalize Sales like Apple and Disney

It’s not about the home buying experience, it’s about the homeownership experience, espouses Mike Moore of Moore Leadership and Peak Performance.

The great consumer experiences created by Apple and Disney, for example, aren't necessarily about things like computers, phones and rides; they’re about what they do, and what they mean to people. That is the power of great product marketing—whether that product is a smartphone or a smart home.

In other words, you don’t sell a product or a bunch of products that make up a smart home system; you sell an experience. What does that system mean to a homeowner?

“New home buyers want to personalize their homes to reflect their personal lifestyle and personal tastes,” Moore says. “They want the latest and greatest, not a fixer-upper. They want to live and experience the newest, best and most up to date styles, energy efficiency and technology possible to enhance their lives.

Smart homes mean convenient and remote operation of our home systems. It means being in touch with your home base, your family, your hub of operations and even your pets any time and anywhere there’s an Internet connection. That’s a very useful benefit for busy workers and travelers.

“Smart people use technology to connect and communicate with people and things to enhance their life experience, and they want to connect and communicate with their homes,” Moore says.

Here are several ways to sell and present several top categories of home technology solutions.


Schneider Wiser iPhone App

Different Strokes for Energy Folks

Energy efficiency can mean savings for other home goods or a vacation, contributing to a clean environment, being green, energy independence, family health and more. It’s up to sales people to recognize different types of green and energy efficient consumers, says BDX Chairman Tim Costello. That means identifying and selling to the true conservationsist, or the penny-pincher, the environmentalist, patriots (concerned about national security and energy independence), concerned mothers, the socially conscious and those interested in self-sufficiency. They may not be who you think they are.



ADT Security

Junior Is Home

Connected home and security systems like those from ADT, Comcast and others don't just offer remote connectivity; they offer peace of mind and knowing who’s home and when. Internal and external cameras at entryways and in foyers record images or video when triggered by motion sensors, door sensors or a digital door lock unlocking. Working families can keep track of their kids, their pets, contractors and babysitters who come and go. And don't underestimate the appeal of checking in on Fluffy or other pets during the work day. It could sell systems. NSA-grade surveillance is a beautiful thing when it’s you in charge of your own home.



Health and ComfortSchneider Interaction

HVAC and internal air quality (IAQ) aren’t just energy-efficient and green features. They can maintain healthy air, via constant or timely ventilation, humidification or de-humidification, mold and mildew resistance and eliminate allergens. These are healthy home systems, and that great underrated power of home buying options—moms—love healthy homes for healthy families. These systems should be slam-dunks, if not standard-issue health amenities to offer with your homes.



Family Fun

With audio/video entertainment systems, don't get caught up in the complexity of of HD blah-blah-blah MI going insane with all of this tech talk. It’s a big TV on steroids. Let the tech guys figure it out and package it as family and friends fun time. OK, for the guys it’s a 70-inch screen with 4K resolution and five surround speakers and boom-boom subwoofer. Have a good demo system in the models, and this sells itself. You make money on the upgrade option. Find a reliable tech partner for wiring and installation.




Beautiful Music Together

The most important room in multi room audio? I vouch for the dining room, kitchen or wherever guests will gather. It’s about entertaining, hosting a party, drinking some wine with good friends and sharing a meal. An audio system with speakers throughout the house and smartphone control looks pretty awesome as well. You can even wire for in-ceiling and in-room speakers and offer a wireless Sonos system in a lifestyle package.




Elegance & BeautyLutron bedroom

Home lighting systems aren't just about convenience, they simplify by providing just the right amount of light in space, and they can be programmed to cast just the right light on artwork, architectural elements and a good lighting designer can layer the light so certain elements in a home pop. LED lights go a long way to helping with this. Not only are they super energy-efficient, they can be programmed by some systems to provide just enough light, at certain color temperatures, and some can change color. Great lighting control isn't a system. It’s a convenience, simplicity and beauty. It shows off your home.

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