IBS 2016: Smart Locks Open Doors to New Possibilities

IBS 2016: Smart Locks Open Doors to New Possibilities


Smart lock technology is opening doors to the future of the TecHome.

With growing connectivity comes a newfound sense of digital vulnerability, so exploring the latest showcases in TecHome security and safety is not a bad place to start. This year’s International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas had plenty on display when it came to this mindset.

Here are some of the top products seen at IBS 2016 that enhance security and safety for the TecHome with efficiency, automation and innovation.


[tps_title]A Smart, Digital Deadbolt[/tps_title]

Brink’s Array

Brink's Array.
Brink’s Array.

At IBS this year, Hampton Products introduced its first smart, digital deadbolt under the Brink’s Home Security Brand. Brink’s Home Security Array™ Digital Deadbolts are Wi-Fi enabled, digital deadbolts that allow integration without surplus equipment or connecting through a gateway hub.

By connecting Array to a home’s Wi-Fi router and installing the smartphone app, homeowners can lock their door remotely, issue E-Keys and E-Codes to relatives and guests and review who has come and gone in their home while their away.

Array boasts a unique Wi-Fi connection that uses an onboard, proprietary photovoltaic panel system for battery and power management. This system recharges the battery using various light sources and the panel meshes well with the product’s sleek design.

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