Icontrol Adds More Customization to Connected Devices

Icontrol Adds More Customization to Connected Devices

As connected devices become more common in the residential market, integration must become simpler to ensure every smart home device can work seamlessly with each other.

Icontrol Networks has developed a cloud-based developer program to try and simplify the integration process for builders and integrators.

This new program means that popular connected devices like Nest can be added to Icontrol’s devices through cloud integration, giving more options to builders who use Icontrol’s automation platform, Piper.

Icontrol Network's home automation platform, Piper
Icontrol Network’s home automation platform, Piper.

The program works by connecting ZigBee, Wi-Fi and Z-Wave devices to Icontrol’s cloud. Then, Icontrol uses the data to integrate and control those devices under its home automation system.

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The Icontrol program is a global initiative, meaning that any developers or service providers can add its popular devices and apps to Icontrol devices.

Already, the new developer program has worked to integrate Nest, Rachio, WeatherBug and AccuWeather to Icontrol’s platform, and the company has plans to add more developers this year.

This move is good news for builders who can soon offer even more options to their clients when beginning smart home integration. As the smart home becomes more common, builders should expect to see other major platforms following this move.

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