IControl Expands Smart Home Offering with LG, SkyBell

IControl Expands Smart Home Offering with LG, SkyBell

IControl Networks announces, today, that LG’s smart refrigerator, SkyBell HD’s Wi-Fi video doorbell and Bttn’s smart button are joining its connected home offering.

The three companies are compatible with IControl-powered solutions through the IControl Developer program by using cloud-based integration technology.

“To reach mass adoption of the smart home, we need to remove technological barriers and ensure people can pick and choose their devices,” says Bob Hagerty, CEO of Icontrol Networks, in a press release. “By introducing cloud-based integration, we’ve streamlined the processes required to interoperate with our solutions, allowing our ecosystem to grow faster than ever.”

LG smart refrigerator.
LG smart refrigerator.

Keep in mind, Comcast and Alarm.com just signed agreements to buy and split up Internet of Things (IoT) company IControl Networks.

There’s no word whether the acquisitions have impacted these most recent integrations.

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LG’s Smart Refrigerator

  • Users can control the fridge temperature and ice maker and filter odors remotely.
  • Triggers and actions let homeowners create home notifications via their Icontrol system to alert them when the door is open or the air/water filters need changing.
  • Goes into energy savings mode when the security system is armed.
SkyBell HD Wi-Fi video doorbell.
SkyBell HD Wi-Fi video doorbell.

SkyBell HD

  • Allows the Icontrol security system to extend its coverage to the front door.
  • Triggers and actions allow users to create rules that start or end with the SkyBell HD.
  • Turns on porch lights and locks the door when SkyBell HD detects motion or the button is pressed.
  • Takes screenshots and watches recorded clips of a visitor at the front door.


By pushing the bttn, the user triggers a pre-defined action or chain of actions. Some common uses include:

  • Bttn smart button.
    Bttn smart button.

    Push the “good night switch” bttn to lock doors, turn off lights, activate video surveillance, and lower temperatures for the night. Press the same bttn again in the morning to wake up the house.

  • Easily activate or disable the security alarm mode with the bttn.
  • Toggle the living room lighting between normal and TV watching modes.
  • Check-in bttn for children – press to lock the doors and send an “I’m at home” SMS to parents.

The Icontrol Developer Program allows any cloud-based, ZigBee, Wi-Fi or Z-Wave connected device to more easily integrate with Icontrol-powered solutions. Learn more here.

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