IKEA Starts Selling Solar … Again

IKEA Starts Selling Solar … Again

IKEA is jumping on board with the energy efficiency trend. Just today, it started selling solar in the UK.

Solar panels will be available online and at three IKEA stores, at first, and at all UK stores by the end of the summer.

According The Guardian, this new venture with energy company SolarCentury is IKEA’s second try with solar. Its two-year pilot program with Chinese company Hanergy ended last year. It’s an interesting move seeing the number of UK solar installations have plummeted in the past two months with the ministers’ 65 percent cut to solar incentives.

“Obviously the climate has been changing in the past year in the UK, but, nonetheless, our research showed a third of homeowners would really like to invest in solar, and the majority of those are driven by the opportunity to save money,” Joanna Yarrow, head of sustainability at Ikea UK and Ireland, told The Guardian.

Whether solar will work in the UK doesn’t really matter when it comes to residential applications in the U.S.

In simplest terms, this is another Big Box store getting on board with smart home technology. And that means, demand from your homebuyers will spike. 

This isn’t IKEA’s first venture into the smart home. Last year, it unveiled plans for The Concept Kitchen–a connected kitchen that may one day use drones. Recently, the company also partnered with HTC Vive to create virtual reality experiences for showing off their kitchens.

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Let’s just hope these new concepts are easier to put together than the company’s furniture. Fingers crossed.

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