Industries Intersect at TecHomeX

Industries Intersect at TecHomeX

TecHomeX has arrived, and the final letter not only stands for expo but also the crossing intersections of an evolving industry.

Builders, integrators, manufacturers and subcontractors—just to name a few—have joined forces at this first-of-its-kind event to mingle and merge their trades. Boasting its inaugural year and prepared for a promising future, TecHomeX is ready to tackle the future of this industry headfirst.

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Connecting the Industry

Day one of the event kicked off in full fashion by openly embracing this concept with the pilot luncheon session, “Let’s Make an Industry.” The panel-style gathering found John Galante, president of AE Ventures, interviewing experts in the industry who range from luxury homebuilders to integrators to plumbing and HVAC contractors.

The session revolved around a singular goal of crafting a new industry community, where each and every individual shareholder of the smart home could come together in delivering and maintaining the vision of TecHome’s tomorrow. And already, these networks are beginning to flourish.

Henry Clifford, an integrator and president of Livewire, enthusiastically remarked on how “nearly five seconds into the event” he was already making connections with Joe Sullivan, of the National Association of REALTORS, and Matt Greene, VP of business development at IOTAS.

“Here we have two aspects where my business was struggling to connect—realtors and developers,” says Clifford. “And just like that, we’re exchanging information.”

Educating the Industry

Clifford also participated in TecHome X’s first day of education sessions and workshops, speaking in a “Builders Workshop” to an audience of not only builders but integrators, manufacturers, an electrical contractor and a plumbing contractor.

Henry Clifford and Barry Hensley overseeing a challenge during the Builders Workshop.
Henry Clifford and Barry Hensley overseeing a challenge during the Builders Workshop.

Clifford spoke in the panel, along with Barry Hensley, president of NorthStar Luxury Homes, Kris Kaymanish, owner of Sight & Sound Systems, and Josh Erosky, director of building technology for UDR.

“In this industry, we have a lot of work to do,” says Clifford. “But TecHomeX is about working together and finding these solutions.”

Solutions were found within sessions from education tracks including Smart HVAC/IAQ, Smart Water, Smart Electrical & Lighting and Electronics, Home Automation & Entertainment. Many of these sessions such as “Home Security & Home Automation: Winning Packaged Plays for Every Market,” garnered upwards of 50 attendees eager to learn.

“I’m here to learn just as much as I am to show and teach,” says Mitchell Klein, executive director of the Z-Wave Alliance, who spoke in this immensely popular session.

Other sessions gathered a more intimate crowd, which appealed to attendees such as John Predham, president of Elite Electrical Enterprises.

“These small groups are great for communication. I’ve found that people haven’t been too afraid to raise their hands and ask questions,” says Predham, who spoke in the aforementioned “Let’s Make an Industry” luncheon.

“Even more interesting is hearing different perspectives and finding that people 1,500 miles away from you are dealing with the exact same issues as you.”

And that’s what TecHomeX is all about, bringing the industry together from coast to coast. And as the smart home ecosystem continues to evolve, its growth holds infinite potential.

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