Infrastructure Innovations for the Modern Home

Infrastructure Innovations for the Modern Home

In order to support the technologies that are sure to become standard in new homes, a solid infrastructure is necessary. Homeowners expect reliable cell phone signals, flexible power options and ways to hide all the ugly wires. And this is just to accommodate the technology that exists now. The future is another story.

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Cell signal booster
A cell signal booster captures the outside cell signal on an outside antenna and rebroadcasts it on an interior antenna.



At TecHome Builder LUX, to take place Oct 20 to 22 in Pasadena, Calif., builders will see plenty of options for creating a home that meets the needs of the modern homeowner.


Luxury Galore, But Does Your Cell Phone Work?

In the ultra-modern, ultra-high-end home, technology must have its place. With its cell signal booster, Wilson Electronics makes sure mobile technology continues to work in those large luxury homes

“The outside world is reached by cell phone. Our cell booster product takes what is typically a good outside signal that’s blocked by construction or materials being added to luxury homes that kill the cell signal, and amplifies it inside the home,” says Joe Wood, Wilson Electronics’ western regional sales manager. “It’s not uncommon for me to do a site survey and help an integrator engineer a system because they’re working on a high-end custom home. These are in virtually every market I visit.”

Wilson Electronic cell phone booster.Homebuilders typically work with integrators who have been hired to do the home theater, lighting controls, or home control, and Wood says those integrators are adding Wilson products to their offerings. A cell signal booster captures the outside cell signal on an outside antenna and rebroadcasts it on an interior antenna. Depending on the size of the home, there could be more than one interior antenna. The system boosts cell and data signals.

“Every time I visit a dealer I will talk to a custom integrator and without fail they mention a home they just finished that could use these products,” Wood says.


Innovative Outlets, Switches and More

Legrand will also be touting its infrastructure-based brands OnQ, Adorne and Pass & Seymour at TecHome Builder LUX.

“Legrand’s builder program allows us to prescribe our builder partners end to end product solutions to meet the builder’s needs, and home owner desires,” says Joshua Roberson, the company’s national builder sales manager.

Adorne power systems

Adorne is an in-depth power solution, with options for receptacles, turning lights on and off, dimming, etc. Roberson says it’s a good fit for the luxury market because it utilizes the same materials used in upscale homes.

If you’ve checked out our article on Clayton Home’s Gen Now concept home, chances are you noticed the cool pop out receptacle in the kitchen. It hides outlets when pushed in, showing a smooth plate where the plugs once resided. That is just one product from the line that will be displayed at LUX.

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Roberson expects that under-cabinet lighting will be a big draw at the booth. The system offers power galore without a single outlet in sight. It can come with receptacles, USB ports, speakers and device cradles that can all be relocated. It is even approved by rapper Vanilla Ice.

Another illuminating product is the portable nightlight that doubles as a flashlight. Users tap underneath the built-in nightlight for three brightness levels. The nightlight can act as a switch for the regular lights with a gentle tap. For the portable flashlight, simply push the square button and it will pop out. It can be customized with Adorne’s wall plate collection.

The wall plate selection will be on display to show the various finishes such as brushed brass, titanium as well as custom styles. There are 32 different plates in seven styles.

OnQ flat panel TV kit H22102At LUX, the OnQ booth will also show recessed flat panel television connection solutions, which take all the power, voltage and audio/video connections and places them behind the threshold of the wall. It keeps everything neat and hidden, but also provides convenient access to the back of the television when needed.

“OnQ product solutions provide the technology and infrastructure backbone, and data products are great solutions for further wireless control and integration, with popular app driven technologies trending in today’s new home,” says Roberson.

Pass & Seymour has a slew of whole house surge protective and USB plug receptacles to choose from, Pass & Seymour USB receptacle model TM826USBNICC6.and in various colors. For example, the Decorator Duplex USB charger receptacle, model TM826USBNICC6, comes in nickel. It is a combination AC duplex receptacle that includes two 5-volt DC USB ports that work with USB 2.0 and 3.0 compatible devices.

The TR5262WSP tamper-resistant extra heavy-duty surge protective duplex receptacle offers increased transient protection, reliability and protection notification. If there is a surge, an alarm will sound and the LED indicator will shine.


And What Happens if the Power Goes Out?

The 20kW generator by Kohler has homeowners covered. The model shown below has received several awards, including the Most Valuable Product Award in 2010 by Building Products magazine.

Kohler 20 kW generator

This single- or three-phase model, like all Kohler generators, is equipped with a heavy-duty, commercial-grade CH1000 engine that stands up to extreme weather. It automatically restores power to a 60,000 BTU air conditioner, major appliances and electronics in 10 seconds. It is operated by natural gas and liquid petroleum gas and comes with a five-year, 2,000-hour warranty. It also has a corrosion-proof enclosure.

If attending LUX, builders should check these booths out to see just what is possible with home infrastructure during the Sponsor Showcase Wednesday, Oct. 22.

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