Innovators You Should Watch at Hanley Wood’s New Awards Program

Innovators You Should Watch at Hanley Wood’s New Awards Program

The housing industry has reached a boiling point, where new technologies and opportunities are unveiled every day. Now, a new program aims to honor top innovators.

Hanley Wood’s HIVE 100 conference was held, last month. It’s designed to introduce all verticals of the housing industry to new developments and innovations that can transform their business.

“HIVE was started by Hanley Wood to bring a focus of innovation within the housing ecosystem and to start the conversation … Bringing light to some of these innovators in this space was truly successful,” says Jen Castenson of Hanley Wood.

HIVE stands for housing, innovation, vision and economics. Part of the awards program is to recognize the industry’s most influential innovators in five distinct categories—design, demographics, finance, business management and products.

The five chosen innovators represent change and opportunity for builders throughout the entire industry. Regardless of the type of homes you build, your business may benefit from these inventions and techniques. 

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Award winner Jonathan Tate and Hanley Wood CEO Frank Anton.
Award winner Jonathan Tate and Hanley Wood CEO Frank Anton.

Category Award Winners

The top innovators in each of the five categories were honored on the final day of the conference.

  • Howard Perlman won the Business Management Award for designing a multigenerational hub that flexes as needs change. The “hub” is a new home design that looks like a single-family dwelling from the outside, but on the inside it’s a house that enables multiple generations to live together seamlessly.
  • Jonathan Tate won the Demographics Award went to for overcoming multiple challenges associated with entry-level housing by developing a “starter home” package that introduces affordable housing on urban infill lots that have been previously overlooked or neglected.
  • Platt Boyd and Chris Weller won the Design Award for co-designing a new 3D printing method that will eventually be utilized during the construction phase of a project.
  • Barry Stenlicht won the Finance Award for predicting and betting big on the housing industry’s recovery. During the housing crisis, Stenlicht invested $150 million in the Tri Pointe Group for a 94 percent ownership share and has since cultivated significant growth at Tri Pointe.
  • Elon Musk won the Products Award for developing the Tesla Powerwall and raising awareness around renewable energy technologies for the residential sector.

Industry Impact

The selection process dealt with potential industry impact, so each of the winning innovators can teach the average builder about emerging industry trends and how to improve their own business.

Each innovation could help a builder diversify themselves in their local markets by adding value and marketing opportunities that appeal to new homebuyers. This program should be a rallying call for builders that the time is now to innovate and discover new, lucrative solutions.

If you missed the HIVE 100 conference but are still interested in attending an industry event that brings together all industry verticals, the TecHome Builder Summits is being held December 7 to 9 in Fort Worth, TX. It will bring together high-volume, luxury and multifamily builders.

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