Intel Survey Reveals Willingness to Sell Smart Home Data

Intel Survey Reveals Willingness to Sell Smart Home Data

Would you be willing to sell your personal smart home data? According to a recently published international survey from Intel Security, a majority of 54 percent answered “yes” to this very question.

More than half of those surveyed in Intel’s study agreed that they would share personal data collected from smart home devices with companies in exchange for money, and 70 percent believe that companies should offer discounts and coupons in exchange for data sharing.

However, an overwhelming 92 percent expressed concern over personal data being hacked and acquired by cybercriminals. On a more promising note, an almost-equal 89 percent said that upon owning a smart home, they would protect it via a singular integrated security system package.

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This means many things for the future of the smart home, a concept which 77 percent of respondents believe will be just as common as the smartphone by the year 2025. The trick for builders, integrators and other TecHome professionals will be finding the fine line between clients willing to share their data to help the industry evolve and those who are hesitant in general because of privacy concerns.

For biometrics, fingerprint scanning was most popular among those surveyed.
For biometrics, fingerprint scanning was most popular among those surveyed.

Security is an ever-important facet of the smart home for professionals to consider moving forward, as it is certainly on clients’ minds.

Other results from the Intel survey revealed that biometrics is strongly favored over passwords. Four in 10 respondents expressed concerns with passwords, while 75 percent found it overwhelming thinking about the number of passwords that would need to be used to control everything in the home. On the biometrics side, 54 percent favored fingerprints, 46 percent liked voice recognition and 42 percent chose retinal scans.

Another interesting note: the generation most agreeable to sharing smart home data in exchange for money, discounts or coupons? Millennials.

The international survey polled 9,000 individuals from nine countries – Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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