IoT Expert’s Insights into University’s Cybersecurity Research

IoT Expert’s Insights into University’s Cybersecurity Research

The key word is “innovation” when it comes to a new research park at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), and it’s an effort that could educate builders on an array of technological topics.

One of these focuses could massively benefit the TecHome industry.

ERAU’s John Mica Engineering and Aerospace Innovation Complex operates by bringing together a myriad of innovative professionals—scientists, engineers to the university’s students and faculty. The end goal is to discover, and hopefully create, the next big thing.

With this aspiration comes a hefty amount of research. While certain aspects, such as aerodynamics and aviation, do not apply to professionals in the TecHome industry, there is still plenty of research being done at ERAU’s Innovation Complex that could help boost a builder’s bottom line.

The most important aspect of this research, in regards to the TecHome, surrounds the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Examining the Internet of Things

Dr. Remzi Seker is an IoT expert and director of the Cybersecurity and Assured Systems Engineering (CyBASE) Center at the complex. Through his research, Seker will examine a wide range of topics, which include studying cybersecurity issues related to IoT.

Something that’s immediately clear to the CyBASE team, which they hope to solve through research and experiments, is just how new of a concept IoT actually is.

Dr. Remzi Seker teaches students about cybersecurity.
Dr. Remzi Seker teaches students about cybersecurity.

And with this novelty, comes vulnerability.

“When we talk about the smart home, we are really talking about some type of computer, located somewhere in the house, that has a strong sense of control,” says Seker, who is also a professor of Computer Science at ERAU.

“Whenever we computerize things, the immediate benefit is that we create automation. We have convenience and we have all these great things coming to us. The problem is fast computerization oftentimes does not have the standards in place for protection.”

Seker finds that companies, such as the numerous manufacturers currently working in the IoT space, often make a lot of assumptions. Most of the time, these assumptions do not stick, causing what Seker calls an “infrastructure-wide failure.”

“So when we think about connecting a refrigerator to the Internet of Things, is this really a good thing?” asks Seker. “I don’t know, to be honest with you. Probably not.”

Builders, Pay Attention

These hesitations should be noted by builders experimenting with similar technologies, especially as security and privacy concerns become major issues among your clients. In fact, a recent study revealed that 60 percent of consumers are fearful of the vulnerabilities that can arise through connected devices.

However, through research, such as that being performed at ERAU’s Innovation Complex, and advancements in cybersecurity solutions throughout the industry, builders should be hopeful for the future.

As technology continues to grow, it will yield to a greater consumer demand.

Therefore, safety will also evolve as a top priority among not only consumers but also the manufacturers producing these connected devices.

Clients want to be connected, but they also want to be secure. With this sense of safety comes a stronger ease of mind, which your clients will ultimately thank you for. Staying on top of research trends, surveys and top cybersecurity advances will identify your builder business as one that cares about the privacy concerns of its clients.

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